4-week student-athlete intsensive

Beginning June 20 in San Diego California, join us for an in-person exploration of Somatic Athletics™, our proprietary coaching practice, engineered with the needs of the female athlete in mind. Our 4-week Intensive Camp is ideal for student-athletes who are looking to take their psychology and physiology to the next level. Geared towards a more advanced athlete who is currently or will play sports in college. (Ages 13-20)


Bi-weekly In-Person PE Sessions 

  • 90-minutes PE Class 
  • 30-minutes Dialogue & Community

Daily Homework Practices (5-30 Minutes)

Each athlete will receive a Somatic Journal, our Sacred Textbook!

  • Nutrition Guide 
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • Feminine Cycle Wisdom
  • Movements
  • Breathwork

She will learn to move intuitively for physical and psychological pain management.

She will strengthen her physical and emotional body.

She will learn tools of breathwork, self-soothing, and nervous system regulation.

She will learn to build a personal daily movement practice that creates internal strength, mobility, and stability, and self-regulation.

She will become more embodied, know and engage with her emotions, and walk taller onto the field, court, and most importantly, in every door she walks through.



Drop us a note, and we will schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation to see if our coaching program is for you or your student athlete.


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