Somatic Athletics™

Somatic Athletics™ is our proprietary coaching practice, engineered with the needs of the female athlete in mind, offered by our founder, Whitney Benjamin Holum.

Integrating Somatic EMDR interventions into our coaching practice, we utilize movement, breath, sound, dialogue, play, and nervous system activation for better mobility, tissue repair, emotional processing, and mental resilience.

Our goal is to help athletes cultivate an understanding of their physiology, emotions, nervous system, and the body’s interdependent systems to improve performance, recovery, athleticism, and humanism.


Whitney offers private 1-on-1 instruction for players and teams, in-person in San Diego and Orange County and via Zoom anywhere in the world.

Each session includes a movement session and dialogue with the athlete(s).

Use the contact form below to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation to see if we are a coaching fit for you or your student-athlete.


Somatic: so·mat·ic (adjective)

Relating to the body, especially as distinct from the mind.

Somatics is a growing field of psychology, movement, bodywork, and science that foregrounds the internal physical sensations, perceptions, and experiences of the body.

In better relating to, understanding, inhabiting, and sensing our body, we have more access and range in our emotions and nervous system. 


“Whit has been one of my biggest supporters and fans since I first started taking hitting lessons with her in high school. I was the shy young girl who was brought to lessons every week by her obnoxious grandfather. Slowly but surely whit brought me out of my shell and I shared more and more of my life as a stressed female athlete. She just gets it. She understands every emotion. She understands the pressures I faced in high school trying to be prepared for my collegiate career at the University of Washington. She understood the GRIND of life as a student-athlete competing at the highest level a softball player could experience. She continues to be a strong and powerful woman that I know I can count on and will be there for me in a heartbeat.”

Silent Rain Espinoza, University of Washington Softball and USSSA Pride

“I can’t say how lucky I’ve been to have had Whitney’s support and guidance through my development as both a person and player. Beginning at just 8 years old and through my Division I collegiate career, Whitney instilled me with the confidence, composure, and strength to get me through all levels of adversity. She has a unique ability to connect and inspire those who she surrounds herself with. I am forever thankful for her wisdom and commitment to my growth on and off the field.”

Kennedy Labshere, Boston College Softball Alumni


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Drop us a note, and we will schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation to see if our coaching program is for you or your student athlete.


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