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SOURCE SUBSCRIBERS Receive 2-printed issues of the SOURCE Journal, early access to our festival Holy Body, and all live events, and a discount on all products and events.

Each issue is an invitation into movement, humanity, joy, wisdom, and reverence.
Our weekly live classes invite us to explore the edges of our mobility, innate freedom, and intelligence of our body.

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  • 2-print issues of SOURCE Journal every year 
  • Magazine Delivered in January and July
  • Early invites to playful events and activities before they’re shared with the world
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  • 10% off all events and product releases

SOURCE is a bi-annual printed journal, created for better physical, mental and communal well-being. Each issue is an exploration of movement practices, human stories, and medicine.

Reader-funded, your subscription supports the research and development of a world class daily somatic movement and mobility practice.


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